The Top 6 Facials For Younger Skin

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The Top 6 Facials For Younger Skin

July 2, 2023
Facials For Younger Skin

The face suffers a lot every day. It battles the sun, dust, microbes, and of course, age. Over time, the skin becomes irregular. Lines and scars fill it up. It loses its plump tight texture. As a result, you start looking dry and depressed. 

It’s no secret your facials for younger skin appearance will always play a crucial role in all sectors of your life. You don’t necessarily need to be a pretty face. But it must invoke energy and motivation. So how do you keep your face fresh and vibrant? The answer is facials.

A Brief Introduction To Facials 

Facials refer to skin care treatments exclusively for the face. The aim is to re-structure and rejuvenate your skin tissue. In other words, facials will make you look fresh, younger and glowing. 

The principles of facial treatments vary much. Some facials rely on exfoliation. Here, chemicals or devices scrape off the dull old skin. In response, the body grows back fresh and healthy. Other treatments use steam, massage, lotions etc.

You can improve your complexion or remove wrinkles with facials. They help you get rid of various types of face spots and marks. 

The results of these treatments also include better circulation and unclogged pores. And that translates to healthier skin. 

Facials have been around since ancient history. However, modern facial appeared and developed in the 19th Century in Europe and America. Some of the pioneers are Madame Rowley, Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein. 

These early-modern facials were mostly soaps and masks. They mainly focused on deep cleansing the skin. The use of AHA and BHA (acids), lasers, retinoids and other scientific methods for facials developed in the 20th century. 

Facials have been popular since then and have helped countless people with their appearance and self-esteem. (1,2,3)

The 6 Types of Facials For Younger Skin To Get The Best 

People’s cosmetic goals are different. Plus, personal preferences also vary much. Therefore, the types of facial treatments are more than just a few. This wide variety allows you to compare options and choose the facial that suits your best. 

Basic Facial 

The basic facial is the easiest one. Unlike the other treatments, it doesn’t sting or tingle. Instead, the basic facial is a soothing and relaxing experience. Plus, there are rarely any noticeable side effects. 

The practitioner will apply a gentle cleanser to your face during the treatment. This will remove all the dirt and oil.

Next, they will use a scrub to exfoliate the dead skin layer. Some practitioners use enzyme peel or Ultrasonic.

Afterward, they apply steam to your face. The warmth opens up your pores. If there are clogged pores or blackheads, the practitioner will extract them with a tool. 

A facial massage and a mask (cream, gel or sheet) follow this. The mask is usually left on for 10-15 minutes. 

The total duration of a basic facial is around sixty minutes. It’s an excellent treatment for blackheads and dry skin. 

Chemical Peels 

One of the most intense facials is chemical peels. It applies acid to the skin to dissolve the bonds between the cells of the dead skin layer. As a result, the old skin blisters and peels off. 

Thus, the body is forced to grow fresh new skin. It’s effective mostly for acne, scars, wrinkle and other conditions. 

Chemical peels can be superficial, medium or deep. 

Superficial peels use the mildest acids (AHA, BHA) and target only the outermost skin layer. Meanwhile, deep peels use more potent acids (phenols) and target the deepest layers.  

Redness, flaking and swelling are common after-effects of these facials. These symptoms are very mild and easily resolve in superficial peels. But they can become severe in deep peels if you aren’t careful. 

So, avoid sun exposure and use your doctor-prescribed ointment after the treatment. 


You can think of microdermabrasion as sanding or polishing your face. Your facial skin goes through a lot over the years. Infections, inflammations, sun damage and whatnot. These damages heal with scar tissues. 

As a result, the skin’s surface becomes bumpy and irregular. Your face loose much of its natural appeal. Microdermabrasion therapy polishes out this bumpiness. Thus, the skin regains its natural smooth, shiny texture. 

During this facial, your doctor will use a wand-like device. The wand will have a diamond tip and a suction system. 

The doctor will skillfully polish your face with the abrasive tip. Meanwhile, the suction with collect the scraped-off dead skin. 

Another type of microdermabrasion uses crystal emitters. The wand will spray crystal particles at high force on your face. Like before, a suction system will collect the scrapings. 

This procedure isn’t painful or invasive. It feels like a mild scratching or tingling. Sessions are over within an hour. Your face will be sensitive and red for a while. But that should resolve within 24-72 hours. 

Oxygen Facials

Does your face always look dry and sunken? Well-nourished people have plump faces. They look well-hydrated. But you can lose that quality due to various reasons. 

Like, exhaustion from work, poor eating, excess smoking or after an illness. It gives you that classic old haggard appearance. 

Oxygen therapy can be tremendously helpful here. This facial treatment hydrates and nourishes your face. 

During the treatment, a device delivers a serum into the deeper skin layers via pressurized oxygen. It’s a rich serum containing vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. 

Unlike most other types of facials, the effects of oxygen therapy are quick to manifest. You will march out of the clinic with a glowing well-hydrated face. Weekly sessions last around 60 minutes. 

LED Facials 

Some of the treatments so far might have sounded painful. And that’s understandable. For instance, chemical peels literally burn the skin with acid. Meanwhile, microdermabrasion is almost equivalent to sandblasting. 

If those sound uncomfortable, then LED facials are your best option. You will get a facial with light! Now, what can be more gentler than that? 

An LED facials device can usually emit four types of light- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each wavelength has its specific effects on the skin. 

For instance, Red light helps in healing. Blue light has antimicrobial actions. Green controls pigmentation. Thus, brightens your facial complexion or makes you look fairer. Yellow improves circulation and is better for sensitive skin. 

An LED facial usually completes in 30 minutes. Your face might feel a little warm or red after the session. But it resolves within an hour or less. A weekly session should be enough to see the benefits. 

However, you must understand light therapy is a superficial skin treatment. It’s okay as a maintenance routine. But it will not work for existing deep wrinkles, scars or severe acne. Those require more intensive facials like medium and deep chemical peels. 

Radio Frequency Facials

The most expensive facial on this list is radio frequency facials. Each session can cost thousands of dollars. It’s also highly effective. 

All the other treatments mainly deal with lines, spots and scars on your face. But what about sagging skin- the hallmark of an old face? Well, radio frequency facials fix that. 

During the treatment, a device will shoot radiofrequency waves in your face. The waves heat the deepest layers of the skin. 

This stimulates collagen production -the protein responsible for your skin’s firmness and elasticity. The collagen boost tightens your face. So, you lose that sagginess and start looking decades younger and more attractive. 

Your skin might be sensitive in the few days following the treatment. So, avoid sun exposure during this time. Use ice packs and moisturizer to soothe symptoms. Sessions are usually once a month. 

Final Words 

So, there you have it. These are the most effective and widely popular facials available. Whichever you choose, make sure you receive your treatment from a certified practitioner. Don’t forget to inform the clinic if you have any immune disorders or healing factor deficiencies. 

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