The 5 S of Mindful Eating – Ultimate Principles of a Balanced Life

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The 5 S of Mindful Eating – Ultimate Principles of a Balanced Life

June 19, 2023


Are there times when you feel like food is controlling you instead of the other way around? If this is so then there are days when you are just binge and stress eating unhealthy snacks. Perhaps this is the time you need to practice mindful eating. 

Healthy eating is at the back of your mind but doesn’t really manifest in the way you think it should. This has become a rampant problem all over the world, causing various food-related diseases (obesity, increased cardiovascular diseases risk, and others). To give you an overview, the 5S are the following:

  • Sit
  • Slow down
  • Savor
  • Simplify
  • Smile

There are other sources that state seven steps of mindful eating. But for the purpose of this post, we are going to discuss the general 5S.

What Are the 5S of Mindful Eating?

As we have established earlier, the 5S of mindful eating include the following:

mindful eating
  • Savor the food – Mindful eating means you have to put all your senses to it when you’re eating. This means you have to ditch your gadgets and just be there for the food.
  • Simplify – Practice putting away food once you’re done eating. Keep it out of sight so as not to get tempted to eat another serving.
  • Smile – According to the same article mentioned above, this is a weird tip but it actually helps in obtaining satisfaction about the food you eat.

The 5 S of mindful eating are strategies that can be used to enhance this practice. Choose foods that nourish your body and make you feel good. By incorporating these simple strategies into your eating habits, you can enjoy a healthier and more mindful approach to food.

Why is Mindful Eating Important?

Mindful eating is important because it has been used to promote healthy eating as well as in weight management. However, in a narrative review, the studies included suggest that this technique still depends on various things like:

  • Your characteristics (personality)
  • Specific eating habits
  • Personal preferences

Therefore, in the same study, it suggested that research should focus on personalization. The reason being is because of the unique characteristics of each individual.

In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves mindlessly consuming food without giving it much thought. Mindful eating is about changing this behavior. It is all about fostering a stronger relationship with our bodies and the food we eat.

The deliberate and thoughtful approach to food helps us become more attuned to the signals our body sends us. So we know when we’re hungry or full. This could lead to a healthier relationship with food and better overall health.

Additionally, by being more mindful of the foods we consume, we may find that we’re able to truly savor the flavors and textures of our meals, leading to a more enjoyable eating experience. Overall, practicing mindful eating can be hugely transformative for both our physical health and our overall well-being.

How Do I Start Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is a great way to improve your relationship with food and your body. It involves paying attention to your food and the act of eating, without distraction or judgment.

To start practicing mindful eating, find a quiet and comfortable space to eat without any distractions such as TV, phone, or computer. Focus on your food, the colors, textures, and smells. Be conscious of how the food tastes and how it feels in your mouth. Chew slowly and savor each bite. Also, pay attention to how your body feels before, during, and after the meal.

Mindful eating is about being present and tuning in to your body’s needs. Start slowly and be patient, and you will soon realize the many benefits of mindful eating.

Is Mindful Eating a Diet?

No, mindful eating is not a diet. Rather, it is eating in a more conscious way by focusing on the “present”, which is eating.

However, according to a study, the weight reduction from mindful eating is more than the results of common diet programs. This means that it could be a more practical approach to weight loss.

Traditional diet fads are more focused on restricting calorie consumption or deprivation like the likes of intermittent fasting. Mindful diet, on the other hand, promotes freedom to practice your unique preferences and nutritional needs without sacrificing the quality of food. It also allows you to be aware of what you eat so you can make healthy choices.


Mindful eating is an incredibly important practice that focuses on helping individuals become more aware of their bodies and how to properly nourish them. It’s the perfect way to start loving and respecting yourself and understanding what’s good for your body in a holistic sense.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or simply want to create healthier habits, mindful eating could be the key you need. If you consider the five S’s while making meals, snacking, or even just thinking about food—you may find yourself more emotionally, mentally, and physically balanced than before.

What’s more, is that mindful eating doesn’t require any special equipment—just time set aside for yourself and permission to care for yourself by listening to your body’s needs.If you’re interested in learning more about mindful eating, why not take the plunge and schedule an appointment with Replenish Aesthetics & Wellness? Our team consists of medical professionals who specialize in psychological, nutrition, and fitness counseling—all aspects of mindful eating that go hand-in-hand to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

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